This artistic research between renewable energy and form is the result of a personal artistic journey, that led me to questioning contemporary time to discover the connection between mind and nature.
Everything starts from the mind, the place of origin of the ability to interpret and focus on feelings and intuitions. A simultaneous place of dreams and reality, the mind is where the journey of human knowledge begins: the energy becoming form, and so thought, idea, action. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed by itself – it only can be transformed. Transformation is knowledge, and knowledge is evolution. This conceptual space made of energetic tensions between potential and actual existance is where the aestetic research of BRAIN dwells.

Conceptual and material icons
Brain research is centered around the two basic elements of our universe of knowledges: man and the sun, both instruments of creative change. On one side is the human brain, the physical place where the transformation from idea to action happens. On the other is the photovoltaic cell, another physical place where the conversion from solar into electrical energy happens, for everyone to be benefited of. Nature, as perfect and incapable of opinions, is the place from which every man can draw the sensations that will then become thought. The overlaps and connections game between the potential of human brain and the energy produced by solar panels so becomes the icon of the evolutional journey, that stands to the base of man's vital energy.

At the heart of this research is Man and his ancestral relation with Energy. A creative interaction that lasts since forever, and keeps changing every day, within the organic place that is Man’s mind where ideas are transformed into actions takes.
Ions that populate ether make possible to be tap and avail energy freely and unrestrictedly, for all needs, for the entire society.
Energy is not created nor destroyed along the everlasting flow of transformation.
This acknowledgement reveals an infinite universe of exchanges and dynamics - one of unlimited benefits, that only takes Man to investigate the realm of possibilities enclosed in the ether matter. This conceptual place is the home to Brain’s ethic and artistic vision, aimed to direct Man toward his original function of energetic bridge, between Universe and the planet he inhabits.

Brain # - Thinking energy.

Matteo Ferretti

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