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Since 2008 my artistic research is called Brain Thinking Energy.
My artworks are centered around a stylized icon shaped after a human brain.
These are carved out of most materials, from steel to glass, from plastic to wood.
My signature pieces involve the use of silicon cells, the main component of solar panels, which get applied over the brain shapes. Such brains undergo painting procedures with acrylic or water spray colours.
In fact, solar cells and solid materials replacing canvas is the main feature of my artistic style.
Though a decade of work, I have used the Brain icon as the base for artistic performances, sculptures and installations.
I have created such icon as a symbol of interconnection between the energy of man and that of nature.
Ever since 2008 I was able to present Brain Thinkg Energy’s expression on both a national and international stage, from Biennale di Venezia to Beijing International Biennale, from Cavaciuti Gallery in Milan to quiroz Gallery in Miami with one-man exhibition.
I was able to do so, I think, as this is the right moment in history to develop such a research - which in truth has always been pertinent to my view of art itself, even before developing the Brain icon.
Not by coincidence, these last years have seen several sectors of human endeavours and reflections move toward an ethical approach to environment, and eco-sustainable stances in regard to industrial production - more and more prone to preservation, education and awareness.


MF was born in Parma in 1976. He graduated from the Art Institute in the same city. Since 2000 he has exhibited in several national and international galleries and worked in cities like Paris, Berlin, Miami, Sao Paulo, Moscow and Dubai. He worked for three years with the Louis Vuitton in the project "Moai travel of light" and also exhibited at the Fondazione Stelline in Milan.
He participated in the 51° and 53° Biennale di Venezia with artist Marco Nereo Rotelli. In 2008 founded a research around the concept of the Brain and Brainhaus Project. At the beginning Brain was a visual and conceptual artistic research based on the stylization of a human brain covered by silicon cells , the same material of the photovoltaic panels. Subsequently Brainhaus’ aim become to seek creative connections between artistic expression, technological solutions and social gain.

This research has brought Ferretti to the 2010 Beijing International Art Biennale and in 2013 to "New narrative for Europe", an UE Commission congress where President Barroso gathered artists, intellectuals and scientists to debate on the future of Europe at large.
In the 2014 establish Brainhaus Project Limited in London.
Lives and works in Parma, London and Dubai.

curriculum vitae

curriculum vitae

2012 – 2014
Research and development of “Brain thinking Energy”. Also foundator of Brainhaus Project Limited in London

"New narrative for Europe", Matteo Ferretti was invited to participated an UE Commission congress to debate on the future of Europe at large.


Vinzentz – art lab associated with Henkel Group, Dusseldorf.
FDP Die Liberalen, Berlin.

"Nightwave". Art Fair, Rimini.

San Lodovico Art space. Parma.
San Giovanni Cloisters. Parma.
Carrugated fair, Paris.

"The Wonderful light" Triangolo Gallery. Cremona.

"Thema A.3, The vain struggle" Stelline Foundation. Milan.
"The sea in Milan" Bicocca University, Milan.
"Poetry Island" Correr Palace, Venice.
"Isola men ti" Vanna Casati Gallery, Bergamo.
"Poeticamente" San Vitale Palace. Parma.

Triangolo Gallery. Cremona.

"Geography" - Osservatorio delle Arti. Florence, Otel Ristotheatre Euterpe e Bacco space, presented by professor Carlo Franza.
"Corporal" Balconata Milanese, Creative Council. Milan.

"Lights at the edge" Quiroz 108 Gallery, Wynwood Art District. Miami USA
"Brain #1 – Thinking energy" Presentazione. Boscolo Exedra, Milan.

"Brain#2 - Evolving thought" Glauco Cavaciuti Gallery, Milan.
"Empowerment International Prize 2010", E!Brain awards was developed by Matteo Ferretti


"Biennial Postumia Jungs", Mantova.
"Immage e Science" CNRS, Paris.

"Peace and Love" Fortress of the Sea, Palmaria island.
Biennial of contemporary art. Firenze.

"Do, for not stop dreaming". Spazio Solferino 31. Milan.
"Periplo del mediterraneo" Fortezza del Mare Palmaria island.
"Poetry Island", associated with the special event of Marco Nereo Rotelli, 51° Biennial of Art, Venice.
"Poetry Island". Il Triangolo gallery, Cremona.
"Poetry Island". Video art, Spazio Krizia, Milan.

"Artour-o" Grand Hotel Minerva, Firenze.
"Artour-o" in China. International culture hall, Yiwu- Shanghai.
"Speed IN art" Art Life for the World gallery, Venice.
"Cumulus seminar" design olympic end armony. Museum Art gallery Jinan, China.

"Artour-o" Grand Hotel Minerva. Firenze
"CHARTER OF LIGHT" The world's longest poem. Performance at 53° Biennial of Art, Venezia. Project by Marco Nereo Rotelli.

"Stemperando". Curated by Giovanna Barbera, patronaged by Department of Estate and Cultural Activity. National Library of Torino, Cosenza, Roma.
"IV Edition of Biennial of Beijin" National Art Museum of China. China.
"Theatrical path" East to West – performance with Marco Nereo Rotelli, Piazzetta Reale, Milan.

"Fluendo Verso" of Marco Nereo Rotelli. Ca' Pesaro, Venice. Video-Direction of "Fluendo Verso... la luce"
"Noto, giardino della bellezza" di Marco Nereo Rotelli. Interactive performance "You are the brain project". Noto, Sicily.


Young artists Biennale Mandarina Duck. (2° prize).
Palmaria young. (1° prize).
Arti-Premio della Cultura Prize, XX edition 2008. Emerging Artist.


La Repubblica, Il Giornale, Corriere della Sera, Il Giorno, Il Resto del Carlino, Gazzetta di Parma, il Nuovo Giornale (PC), Malacoda (PR), La Provincia (CR).

Panorama, Gentleman, Artein, Uno di Noi (ITA), Wynwood art magazine (USA).

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